If you are a student band or group looking for rehearsal space: Modern has access to two rehearsal spaces on the TU/e campus. These are outfitted with a drum kit, multiple guitar and bass amplifiers, microphone stands, and a mixer. All the things you need to practice or record music!

Member bands and solo acts will receive news about upcoming gigs to play at. A nice way to have a fun evening, gain experience and earn a bit too!

Gigs can be in cafés like Hubble or ones in Stratum, but also festivals and concerts like Stukafest and Lunafest. 

Social events

Events like drinks, concert nights, parties and open mics will happen monthly. Get to know your fellow members, hang out, discuss music, or show off your musical skill on a stage!

Creative events

Events which allow you to come together with your fellow members and jam out, write songs or create beats will happen twice a month.

Other events

Keep an eye out for random one-off events like workshops or pub quizzes that happen once a month.