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We are a JRock/JPop band with members from Kinjin. Currently two wonderful vocalists, hype drummer, smooth guitarist and slappy bassist. We sometimes perform at Anime Conventions throughout the country.

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Epirus plays alternative rock music influenced by sounds from across the globe and across genres. They combine these influences into a mysterious and moody sound that never gets old.

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Formed in September 2022 in Eindhoven, D’Alto is a band ready to ignite the music scene with their shared love for music, writing, and performing. This group of friends includes Donna on vocals, Zep and Thomas on guitars, Eli on saxophone, Hakon on keyboards, Daan on bass, and Bas on drums.

Their inspiration can be found in different kinds of genres, but they love to give whatever they play a funky twist! Curious what they sound like? You can follow them on Spotify or Instagram.

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